Marie Dahlstrøm, “Mine”

Post Author: Katey Stoetzel

Take a trip back to the ‘90s with Marie Dahlstrøm’s new music video for her single “Mine.” The song itself has a ‘90s R&B sound to it, but with a dash of contemporary alternative. Still, there’s a lot of soul here, and it shines through in the video.

Filmed in Tokyo, the video for “Mine” is a DIY project of Dahlstrøm’s, an impromptu film shoot with dancers of her Japanese fan club while she was on tour there.

“This video was so much fun to make. Keita (the choreographer based in Tokyo) had created a routine for “Look The Other” last year, so when I figured I was going on a mini-tour to Japan, I thought it was a good opportunity to work with him and his dancers face to face. We met up with the Australian videographer Matt De Sousa, and filmed the video in the middle of Shibuya in Tokyo at 4 in the morning. I edited the video myself when I got back to London, so this video is a perfect memory of Japan,” Dahlstrøm said.

Brightly lit and well choreographed, the video is a perfect representation of the song’s carefree ode to a summer love, a callback to when things were simple and easy going. It’s a fun tune, with an essence of genuineness that is missing from other songs in the genre.