Merc Yes, “A Loaf of Bread”

Post Author: Justin Hernandez

“A Loaf of Bread”, the Impose exclusive first video and cut off of A Loaf Of Beatz, the forthcoming debut EP from Merc Yes, opens unassumingly with a snippet from a classic cartoon. In the vintage cartoon, and video for “A Loaf of Bread”, a young girl approaches a grocery counter and attempts to recall the list of items her mother asked her to pick up. As the video proceeds, the cartoon is chopped and swirled while the audio of the girl’s words is bent and blended with a luscious, otherworldly beat-the result transcending all of its parts.

It must be noted that the cartoon from which the song’s only lyrics are taken is a classic Sesame Street cartoon that has been the subject of reality bending theories in which the gender and appearance of the short’s protagonist has been remembered differently than it is currently seen. Perhaps this particular debate hasn’t yet reached Berenstein/Berenstain levels of controversy, but it has nevertheless been the subject of a reddit thread and the video and song from Merc Yes does nothing to assuage any rumors of alternate dimensions.

“A Loaf of Bread” seems to exist in the static between time and space, paralleling our memories while echoing those of our mirror image counterparts. The schism between the original cartoon and its current state is like looking back at memories through a glowing waterfall of time. The venerable authenticity of the source material adds to the overall hypnotic sensory experience Merc Yes has created with the music and video for “A Loaf of Bread”. By reaching back through pop culture history, Merc Yes has built upon a shared moment and propelled it forward as a shared memory of tomorrow.

A Loaf Of Beatz is set for a November 2nd release on Internet & Weed. You can follow Merc Yes on Facebook, SoundCloud, and Bandcamp.