Mumblr, “Got It”

Post Author: Niccolo Porcello

Last week Mumblr released a four-way split with three other great Philly bands. The split showcased their ability to stand out while still fitting in, a useful quality for bands in a close-knit and diverse scene like Philadelphia’s. This time they go it alone; in their new video for “Got It”, Mumblr frolics around distinctly Philly plateaus—namely abandoned boulevards and Roth-ian industrial lots. Most of the video is in black and white, a sensible choice for the landscape the members of Mumblr are initially inhabiting, namely the median of a absurdly large and hilariously traffic-less road. Additionally, there are scenes from what appears to be a raucous New Years Eve show (these are in grainy cell phone-color). These scenes function as a visual breakdown of sorts, only to filter back to the boys on bikes slowly cruising in the rain. Only in the wastelands of the post-industrial and sub-urban can spaces look like the ones in this video—a perfect combination for the post emo-revival intonation of Nick Morrison’s vocals and thumping fuck-you of Mumblr’s instrumentation.

“Got It” is from Mumblr’s first proper full length, 2014’s Full Of Snakes. It is available via Fleeting Youth Records.