September Girls “Veneer”

Post Author: Katie Capri

The new video from gloomy garage pop quintet September Girls takes their affinity for things a little creepy into overdrive. Like their sound, there’s a sweetness that remains ever-present, even in the staunch black-and-white video for “Veneer”. The video, directed by Jessie Ward O’Sullivan with art direction by the Dublin band’s own Caoimhe Derwin, thrives on creepoid vibes, a concept likely to drive home the sinister meaning behind the single.

To elicit the fear they’re going for, September Girls turned their goth factor up to eleven, presenting “Veneer”‘s visual treatment in the form of suspenseful horror movies. Its first few moments set the tone, recalling Samara’s attack in The Ring as whirling sing-song melodies echo with a feedback-y drone.  After a fuzzy tape reel finds its shaky focus, rhythm guitarist and singer Caoimhe stares the viewer down with unsettling allure, donning a long raven-haired wig, white contacts  and black lipstick.

The video goes back and forth through black-and-white flashes of all five September Girls drenched in drenched in the same black eerie get up. There’s a seance, black roses and both milk and blood are spilt—all fitting themes in time for Halloween.

Watch the spooky video below. You can catch September Girls playing a slew of New York dates for CMJ (their first US shows ever!), dates below.

Veneer EP comes out November 24 on Kanine Records on the US and Fortuna Pop! in Europe.

CMJ 2014 Dates
TUES 10/21 @ Cake Shop 3:30pm
TUE 10/21 @ Cameo (Oh My Rockness) 11:00pm
WED 10/22 @ Pianos (Kanine Showcase) 4:20pm
THU 10/23 @ Knitting Factory (Dr Martens Showcase) 2:00pm
FRI 10/24 @ Rough Trade Shop 1:15pm
FRI 10/24 @ The Delancey (Music from Ireland) 7:00pm
FRI 10/24 @ Brooklyn Nite Bazaar (K9R/Insound Showcase) 10:00pm