King of Cats, “Orb Weaver”

Post Author: Nick Rattigan

Oxford’s King of Cats, aka Mel Levy, makes short, simple and overall genuine pop songs. In the video for his latest track “Orb Weaver”, Levy has strapped a camera to a spinning chair as it cycles around a tiny pink, muscle arm. Without any music, you might confuse this for an odd youtube video that you stumbled across after hours of deep youtube-related video clicking. However, paired along with the tracks effortless guitar strumming and the emotionally clenching vocals from Levy, the video is more of an invitation into the weird and personal moments we all have had when we are alone and bored in our bedroom.The minimal technique in both the song and video bring out an element to this track that make it feel very sincere and honest. “Orb Weaver” is a beautiful song that aligns its musical spirits some artists like Beat Happening or Gordon Gano.

King of Cats will release his new album, Working Out, on November 17 on Art Reeks, a collaborative label between the two UK DIY labels; Art is Hard (Bos Angeles, Playlounge) and Joanna Gruesome’s Reeks of Effort.