Snakeskin, "Limbless"

Post Author: JP Basileo

Sometimes songs behave like tattoo ideas. You hear people say all the time that they’re letting an image or a concept cook a little before pulling the trigger on getting it zapped. Well, the same can go for songwriting, and you’re usually all the better for it. Such can be said about Shanna Polley (Snake), and her project Snakeskin, whose debut LP, Hangnail, came out this past February, featuring songs written during a high school tenure spanning from 2010-2014. A new music video for “Limbless” highlights a fuzzed-out affection that simultaneously rumbles in the pit of your stomach as it appeases your restless heart. Its instrumentation employs the powerful duality of beautiful (or catchy-as-all-hell) noise, pushed over the half-way mark toward pure bliss, by Snake’s vocal prowess, which soothes as much as it stops you dead in your tracks. She powerfully belts out, “There is no space for u and me,” amid a frenzy of maddening guitar tones and driving rhythms. The visuals, directed by William Bottini, play like a powerpoint presentation on psychedelics. Stock animations and images mingle among live footage of Snake, herself, and it’s as though a troublemaker student is giving a lecture on how to be a troublemaker.