ZZZWalk, "Cold Dark Days”

Post Author: JP Basileo

The allowance of another person into your life is something of a double-sided risk. It may lead to a regret so great that you write a song so brilliantly catchy that it follows you around like the demons you’re trying to expunge by writing it. Such may be the fate of Brooklyn-by-way-of-everywhere outfit ZZZWalk, whose new song “Cold Dark Days” glides through the cyclical, whiskey-soaked evening glum of figuring out just what went wrong. A jangling electric guitar and Jon Delorme’s country-twanged vocals scrutinize the estrangement between lover and self. Mark Perro and Russell Hymowitz enter in with acoustic guitar and bass, respectively, chugging along atop Adam Amram’s drumming, all playing the timeless rhythmic mode of age-old heartache. The song bops and weaves in reconciliation with the initial act of betrayal, through its countless repercussions on mind and heart and liver, as the chorus cries (with Perro and Olajumoke Aremu on harmony), “I’ve been drinking doubles ever since the cold dark day I trusted you.”
Visuals, shot and compiled by Delorme and Perro, accompany the audio, roaming the streets of New Orleans during what certainly appears to be Mardi Gras, or maybe just any other Tuesday. Street performers, people hanging from balconies, all around characters. If ever there was a holiday for taking your mind off someone and what they’ve done to you and your life…this is it. See the 1:32 mark for our feelings for those who have wronged us.