The Meltaways, “Home”

Post Author: Meredith Schneider

Brooklyn’s The Meltaways are revving up to release their new s/t 7″ on October 1st. But before then, we’ve got the exclusive premiere of the music video for their single “Home”.

The video itself begins fast, like the song. There is no buildup, just a quick overlay of the title of the track in font seen on old horror/gore films, and then shots of a room. A woman is staring at her reflection in a mirror, but she has a green mask and hands. She turns, and another woman sporting the same mask embraces her and they engage in a few short moments of necking. (Yeah, I said it.) Our protagonist dances a bit in a warehouse space – very Footloose, might I add – and then tries to take the mask and hands off of her. Blood comes oozing from the openings, as she finds these once arbitrary items may now be stuck to her skin permanently. She struggles, throws a fit, and then it ends with the mask being thrown on the ground.

But did she survive?

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The Meltaways 7″ is available for preorder on clear vinyl now.