To Wake You, "Where The Day Went"

Post Author: Michael Brummett

To Wake You is a chilling duet, championing their greatest individual strengths to create deeply inspired music.


Equal parts Karoline Hausted and Mark Davis, “Where The Day Went” is lifted from their forthcoming 6-track EP, Beauty In The Smallest Things (Feb. 10).
It wasn’t as simple as just collaborating, though. Forces undoubtedly outside of the duo’s control brought them together following 8 years without contact. They met again in 2010 at the Copenhagen Songwriters Festival. As the story goes:

“Re-meeting Karoline was like a giant hand swooping down and slamming a giant door behind me. Going to Denmark and the festival, I felt more in tune, more awake, than I had ever before. It makes sense now that we met again at that time… and with it I entered a completely new world. No matter what was to come, I wanted to be close to her and I needed to say so. The songs came effortlessly.” -Mark


“Where The Day Went” is an outlier in modern collections of music which represent the unfathomable pace of globalization. Stitching together a quiet reflection, To Wake You capture their truly abstract form within the cinematography of the piece.
The song itself is a peacefully crafted candidate for exploring how time can so easily slip away. Any perceived vagueness ought to be swept aside, and instead taken as a prompt to seek the deeper significance of their creation.
While some listeners may find it challenging to engage with, the philosophical nature of Mark and Karoline’s musical collaborations invite an appreciation of finer details. As a standalone introduction to the duo’s talents, excitement should be a natural response to how close we are to the release of Beauty In The Smallest Things — whose title only compounds those observations. 4.5/5.


To Wake You can be supported in a variety of ways, namely by liking them on Facebook so you can keep up with the news on their February 10th release, and any future releases. For now, keep an eye on their Bandcamp and social media pages to know when you can get a copy and full listen in for Beauty In The Smallest Things.