Wooter "It Was There" – Sunday Premiere

Post Author: Joseph Anthony Evans

The unexpected and surprising artist Wooter makes his expertise known with this Sundays track and animated video “It Was There”. The Musically Gifted Rowan Brind has always been a writer for it has always come natural to him. As far as this year’s worth of written music, each album has its own inspiration.
Rowan explains to Impose,
“I really wanted to do an animated video for one of the last tracks and “It Was There” ended up being the perfect choice. The song sort of meanders its way through to the end in a very psychedelic & atmospheric way. The only notes I had for Stephen Sues the animator, were “think falling down the rabbit hole”. Voila!”
Every week the excitement builds as we wait for another creation from Wooter. Not only are we seeing the multi talent by Brind, it takes enormous dedication and a burning passion to do what he is accomplishing. This Sundays special premiere not only gives us new music but new visuals that present the artist in a inimitable way. “It Was There” is a psychedelic rock opera that sends us into a very serene gyrate.
Artwork – Cover art by Pete Victor-Gasper
Animated – by Stephen Sues