Young Braised, “Sprained Ankle”

Post Author: Sandra Song

Jaymes Bowman, aka Vancouver-based “snack pack” rapper Young Braised, shows off his ghost dribbling skills in his latest video for the excellent whirlwind of a watch, “Sprained Ankle”. Similar to his previous 1080p release, Japanese Tendencies, there’s a distinct Asian-influence to his work in the form of twinkling background chimes and the rippling reverbs of some gong-like percussion. Layered atop tripped out echoes, off-kilter phrasing, and hazy-lazy bass, it’s obvious that the Braised One was raised on the likes of Jadakiss and DMX.

The entire video is gorgeous as well, featuring a deadpan Bowman poking fun at the idea of art films, as evidenced by a series of fast cuts and beautifully-framed black and white shots. It’s almost as disorienting as his wonky, free association wordplay that insists he’ll be “hanging with my homeboys, man I’m going radish” and “in the slum so nothing ever really mattress.”

Young Braised’s Northern Reflections is out December 25 on 1080p.