Bro-noise love betwixt the twin cities

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Cellphone, of Minneapolis, is a duo that errs on the side of space and dissonance. On the track here they employ bell-like, detuned guitars, but at their Myspace page, they're just as likely to generate electronic patter for similarly sparse ends. Waterbear, also a duo, but from St. Paul, are mainly improvisational and tend towards the psych Jam on their release, available in full at Rotten Crab. Their Myspace stuff gives off a darker, stoner mood music vibe. Maybe it was rainy that day.

Together, you guessed it, they are the quartet known as Cellphone + Waterbear, or at least they have been, when touring. As that pairing, they released Whiskey Neck Beard Vol. 1 CD-R, “limited to 33 1/3 copies. SOLD OUT.” Look out for Whiskey Neck Beard Vol. 2, and a Waterbear full length in 2009.

Waterbear + Cellphone (live excerpt)

Waterbear + Cellphone, “Windsor Breath”

Cellphone, “Some Organisms Grouped Fucking”

I'm including a Myspace rip for Waterbear, since though the tracks at Rotten Crabs are brighter and better quality, they're also too huge to post. (The short one is 18 minutes.)

Waterbear (live excerpt)

Minnesota, signing out.