I listened to this Norse Horse song 6 times in a row

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Norse Horse/Ancien Crux split 7-inch on La Station Radar

Back in the summer of 2009, early on, we felt the need to qualify Norse Horse's full length album Secret Geographies in the class of “that most ephemeral of accolades, the perfect summer album…”

Meanwhile, Jeans Wilder seems to cameo on half the labeled profiles on this website.

Not much more to say about these two new La Station Radar 7-inches- one a split between Norse Horse and Ancien Crux and the other hogged by Jeans Wilder on both sides. I am especially hypnotized by the Norse Horse track “Shooodikids” but the meloncholic wavves rolling off the tongue of Jean Wilder's “Simpler Times” are no less intoxicating.

We should note that this isn't the first time we'd heard “Shooodikids”; that happened when we heard La Station Radar's massive summer compilation, which we dubbed the finest release of June 2010. It's just the first time we could fetishize the supple guitar tropics with the whirring sensation of needle gliding on vinyl at 45 rotations per minute, and that, apparently, makes all the difference.

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