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PALMS make spacious, gentle avant folk music.

Formerly of The Finches, Carolyn Packer Riggs now operates under the name PALMS, a band for which she is currently assembling a band and a “man choir” in the great back country of Los Angeles.

These are melancholy acoustic guitar tunes custom fit for break ups, early morning drives and violent scenes in gangster movies. “Natural History” sounds a little bit like a pared-down Brian Eno at his most forlorn (note the supple melody and the strange ambient wash in the background), while “River in Edo” has got a quiet Celtic kick to it and “Theme I” demonstrates the gorgeous potential Ms. Packer Riggs' PALMs has once she assembles a full band in a track replete with tremolo guitar, light reverb, chilly, saw-toothed synth stabs and a generally malaise fit for anyone's late night stupor.

Our lady Carolyn was kind enough to send these tracks along while they were still in production. Consider these an extreme sneak peak, as we are witness to unmastered works recorded only a week ago.

PALMS, “Natural History”

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PALMS, “River in Edo”

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PALMS, “Theme I”

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