Best “Thriller” videos from across the world

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This little Youtube pile was inspired by our recent discovery of the Indian take on what has to be the world's favorite dance video to mimic.

If you haven't seen some of these, quick, before anyone notices:

The Indian Michael Jackson “Thriller”, which by all measures includes a backing track that was co-produced Ariel Pink's world team:

Famous prison in the Philippines “Thriller”:

College kids “Thriller”:

Four-year old Xiao Bao, from China:

The English:

More English, in a Tesco:

The Japanese:

More Japanese (comedian Noritake Kinashe):

Hungarian “Thriller”:

Surprise wedding “Thriller”:

U.S. Army dude does solo “Thriller” in Iraq:

Marching band “Thriller”:

Canadian “Thriller”:

Lizard commercial “Thriller”:

Darth Thriller:

Legos “Thriller”:

Creepy Second Life “Thriller”:

Creepier World of Warcraft “Thriller”:

Final Fantasy “Thriller”: