Jay Som, "The Bus Song"

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From dream to completed product in three furious months.


Jay Som is Melina Duterte — a true DIY musician. Writing, recording, playing, and producing every sound beyond a few backing vocals — she earns her rep as a self-made force of sonic splendor and emotional might.
Duterte, just 22 years-old, put together Everybody Works in just three furious, caffeinated weeks in October. She came home from the road, moved into a new apartment, set up her bedroom studio (with room for a bed this time) and dove in. Duterte even ditched most of her demos, writing half the LP on the spot and making lushly composed pieces like “Lipstick Stains” all the more impressive.


Jay Som takes us to places we never could have imagined, wedding lo-fi rock to hi-fi home orchestration, and weaving meaningful autobiographical poetry into energetic punk, electrified folk, and dreamy alt-funk.
Quickly spinning into her usual sonic, melodic form, “The Bus Song” is at times teasing shoegaze. The arch of the song peaking in a breathtaking pause, it was the perfect fit to preview Everybody Works.


You can find Jay Som on Facebook, Bandcamp, and Soundcloud.