Rioux, “Unfamiliar Cloud”

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New York’s multi-talented artist, producer and performer Rioux creates stunning compositions with his music. Rioux’s first full-length solo album, Fragmenta, is due out on October 14th. Until then, we have your piece of this exquisite album in the single “Unfamiliar Cloud”.

The track takes its time in the buildup, with beautiful, light instrumentals weaving in and out of each other before the vocals start around 0:37. The vocals have an interesting touch of reverb to them, almost bouncing off of each other in a very other worldly way. It is only at 1:10 that the song gains traction as a semi-dance track, replete with synth and bass that make the track feel both disheveled and graceful at the same time. We must admit, we’re incredibly big fans of the way the song slowly transitions out, and can’t wait to see what it bleeds into on the album.

Fragmenta is out October 14th. It is available for preorder on limited edition vinyl now.