Sun Kin, "Under Standing Waves"

Post Author: Mike Mehalick

From my experiences, no music scene in the country embraces and engenders genre-fluidity quite like Oakland, CA. Case and point, the post-pop group Sun Kin who operate as a live band who refracts a sense of urgency in the chase for understanding against the sounds of computer and machine-assisted music.
The project helmed by Kabir Kumar (lead vox, guitar) along with Kevin Lehner (guitar), Phil Di Leo (keys and guitar), Nick Blossom (drums), and Bryan Lovett (bass) has merged a range of styles in an effort to keep constantly pushing the limits and finding new truths in making the seemingly disparate unified. Today, Sun Kin premieres its latest exploration with the ice-blue funk of “Under Standing Waves.”
The track slides and evolves across tight grooves as Kumar’s dynamic vocal guides the way over the top.
The band shares in a statement:
“‘Under Standing Waves’ finds Oakland post-pop band Sun Kin in a deep trance state, riding a deep, funky groove over a cinematic 7th chord synth-scape. While the song was being written, Kabir’s Nani (maternal grandmother) passed away suddenly from a stroke, and the song feels lit with her vivid passion and pride for making her loved ones feel loved, even thousands of miles away. Gentle, whispered vocals gradually grow into a falsetto-ed climax as the band seeks to return to the feeling of pure, unabashed devotion, the kind which transcends the selfishness of marketing and yet manifests itself in one line — ‘Can you FaceTime?'”

“Under Standing Waves” comes paired with Sun Kin’s recently released single, “Bijak.” You can follow them here for more and Bay Area fans can catch the band at their single release show on July 15th.