The Rebel Light, “Goodbye Serenade”

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It’s been a strange few weeks in North America, honing in on the darkness that surrounds the election and the political climate at large in the United States. But the good men of The Rebel Light put together the music video for their song “Goodbye Serenade” to try to shine light on all that mankind is capable of. In fact, of the video they stated, “With so much negativity floating around in the media, we wanted to create a video that highlights the power of the human spirit and how truly great we can be when we focus our energy into creating something positive in this world.”

With a title that suggests a sad ending, they’ve chosen to go the route of new beginnings. Of focusing on goals. Of working toward achievements. And they’ve done that all within in a montage of footage of the band themselves working on one of their greatest accomplishments – namely, their music – and historical footage.

It’s beautiful. Take a moment to enjoy it.

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