Bill Baird, “Soggy Soul”

Post Author: John Ambrosio

Another day, another new Bill Baird song. The new song from the prolific garage rocker/friend of Impose is “Soggy Soul”, a three-and-a-half minute trip reminiscent of golden-age Butthole Surfers, with its demonic voice effects, groovy, lackadaisical drumming, and fuzzed out slide guitar. In it, Baird sings lines like “gotta stick my heart into a microwave and drain this soggy soul” and “Want to live beyond myself and I fall further than before,” which conjure an appropriately surreal image for the accompanying video.

The video, which won several prizes in the 2014 Music Video Race contest, including 2nd best music video, is equal parts bizarre and vulnerable, just like Baird himself. As Baird describes it, the video is “a kaleidoscopic action adventure into the soul that will blow your pants off!” Which is probably the most accurate description possible, considering that in the video Baird a) goes on an adventure that devolves into what looks like a bad acid trip b) hangs out in a kaleidoscope and c) tosses his pants (and the rest of his clothes) into a bonfire before rolling around on a beach in his birthday suit. So if you’re into trippy garage rock or just want to find out what DIY icon Bill Baird’s penis looks like, you should definitely check it out.

Bill Baird’s Diamond Eyepatch is out now on Moon Glyph. Read our review here.