Post Author: Michael Nascenzi

Have you ever wanted to look like a spun out hippie at a Grateful Dead cover band concert? Have you ever wanted to capture the look of an elementary school Field Day outfit? Do you wanna say to the world: “I did mushrooms at one point in my life?”

Well you’re in luck, because tie-dye shirts are back baby!

According to all the basic trendy girl sites that matter, tie-dye is the summer trend of 2019. Harper’s Bazar says it’s back because Beyoncé wore on vacation at the beach. Refinery 29 lauds the latest iteration of tie-dyes with “sophisticated hues” and “patterns more intricate.” And Vogue is even cashing in on this throwback trend by promoting $385 Tie-Dye shirts. Be right back, starting an Etsy shop.

Well, while everyone’s been wearing black on black, I’ve been holding down this trend for all you fashionable folks. My birthday party years ago had a DIY tie-dye station, so I will take full responsibility of this trend. You’re welcome America.

Check it out and fire up those tie-dye stations: