Abhi The Nomad, "Marbled"

Post Author: Andre G

Amidst all of the hip-hop artists with names that were seemingly created on a whim, Abhi The Nomad is an outlier. His existence has truly been nomadic. He was born in New Delhi, India and alternated between there and Beijing, Hong Kong before landing in Southern California on a student visa. Abhi told NPR that, “I was a 13-year-old victim of the nu-metal era and the pop-punk wash-out…But years later I grew up, became less angsty and found Kanye West. Ye got me into hip-hop, and Jay kept me coming back.”
It’s those divergent influences that will be at play on Marbled, his debut album which will be released February 9th. He recently released the eponymous song which displays a smooth, sunny hip-pop fusion. Over sunny synths and a reverent saxophone, Abhi goes on a lyrical venture through his life. He sounds like a polished vet on the track, which bodes well for what the rest of Marbled may sound like.
You can listen to “Marbled” below.