Albert Newton – Twin Earth

British musician fuses indie, psychedelic and electronica on blissful new LP

Albert Newton‘s latest album Twin Earth emerges as a captivating fusion of psychedelia, electronica, and indie bliss. Renowned for his previous hit “Volcano,” Newton takes listeners on a cosmic journey through 11 mesmerizing tracks. There are some incredible moments throughout the album that explore Newton’s indie-rock roots, straight through to post-punk and synthwave. 

Inspired by encounters with quantum mechanics and astrophysics enthusiasts, Newton, also known as Henry de Montbazon, delves into the depths of existential exploration. This newfound fascination becomes the driving force behind Twin Earth, shaping its ethereal melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.

Collaborating with producer Max Baby, known for his work with acclaimed artists like Hannah Jadagu and Goldie Boutilier, Newton crafts a sonic landscape that pays homage to musical legends such as David Bowie and Philip Glass. Each track pulsates with a vibrant energy, drawing from influences as diverse as MGMT, Tame Impala, and Frank Ocean.

From the dreamy introspection of “Bedroom Posters (Spring)” to the cosmic grandeur of “Twin Earth,” Newton’s album is a testament to his artistic evolution. With its rich tapestry of sounds and introspective themes, it’s an album that showcases an artist who’s not afraid to try new things and explore instrumentation to its fullest potential.

You can give Twin Earth a spin below: