Astral Bakers – The Whole Story

French indie band drops refreshing, unique new album

Returning with some of their most affecting work to date is Astral Bakers. The French band’s magnetic blend of dirty, shimmering musicality and poignant lyrics creates a captivating atmosphere that feels both familiar and refreshingly unique, on new album The Whole Story.

Drawing inspiration from a decade-long history of collaboration and diverse influences, Astral Bakers masterfully craft a sonic landscape that echoes the likes of Big Thief, Supertramp, and an unplugged Nirvana show. Yet their sound transcends mere labels, delving into elemental substance and heartfelt expression.

Tracks like “I Don’t Remember” and “Something New” showcase the band’s ability to weave catchy melodies and uplifting chord progressions with underlying themes of anguish and introspection. Meanwhile, “Why” explores indie-folk stylings, demonstrating their versatility and depth as musicians.

The album’s production reflects a return to simplicity, with two guitars in synergy, bass consolidating the beat, and drums enveloping the compositions. This stripped-down approach allows the band’s emotive performances to shine, evoking a sense of intimacy and authenticity.

As Astral Bakers prepare to embark on a headline show at La Maroquinerie in Paris and their first international gig at Eurosonic, the anticipation for their debut album release in early 2024 continues to build. With “The Whole Story,” Astral Bakers reaffirm their place in the indie music scene as masters of mood and melody, leaving listeners eagerly awaiting their next chapter.

Photo by Matthieu Torres