AstroModa – Unchained EP

Post Author: Aidan Grant

English sister duo levels up on rollicking, fuzzy debut record

AstroModa’s debut EP Unchained is a three-track offering that showcases the band’s varied musical range. Covering both the personal and political, AstroModa speak their own truth whilst also providing a voice for others. 

The EP opens with a crashing of guitars on “Leave Me Alone.” Tackling the heavy yet urgent issue of harassment and abuse in public spaces, it’s a pressing call to arms teeming with frustration. Addressing harassers directly throughout the song, AstroModa fire off the warning: “Stop being so fixated / Mind your own business,” in the track’s opening lyrics, going on to stress that they shouldn’t be underestimated with the lines: “I don’t need your help / I’ll make it on my own”. 

Second track “More To You” seems to take an almost polar opposite melodic path, easing in with delicate guitar chords and soft harmonies. After the first verse, however, AstroModa launch in with an anthemic classic rock chorus, immediately switching up the pace. Once again, the band deftly captures societal issues, painting a visceral picture of mental health amongst the youth. Despite dour beginnings, the single soon becomes charged with messages of hope, as Veronica and Jessica rally listeners: “There’s so much more of the world to see / Hopefully / You’ll know it’s beauty.”

EP closer “Moving On” is a dedication to the pair’s mother, Antonella, and the day she left her home in Italy to pursue her dreams. Leaning more towards pop-rock, the track puts an emphasis on courage, new beginnings and growing up. Told from their mother’s perspective, “Moving On” is perhaps one of the record’s finest examples of AstroModa’s innate storytelling ability. 

You can give Unchained a spin below: