Aubrey Haddard – “Portuguese Red”

Post Author: Myles Hunt

Brooklyn indie pop crooner discusses her beautifully hazy & shimmering latest single

Hope is officially on the horizon! With the opportunities of a more optimistic summer approaching, many are cautiously stepping forward to a brighter future. Along with that ride will naturally come music to permeate that ambiance of happiness.

Of course, this strange past year demands new perspectives and to not take things at face value. Brooklyn musician Aubrey Haddard fits into that mindset with her latest track “Portuguese Red”. Aubrey sets the stage for a revitalized pace that will not be sugar-coated, offering a more pragmatic approach for the road ahead.

Poppy twinkles rise and bubble leading into “Portuguese Red.” Aubrey’s smooth vocals slide right up to carry the flow forward. The catchy beat and operatic elements elevate the tune to a space between dream and classic pop. It is a cycle of upheaval while still providing subliminal comfort. There is a sense of turmoil that flutters from the riffs that follow towards the end of this musical adventure. Aubrey is uninhibited with her ability to stretch feelings beyond simple sentiment. Deep caverns of liquid emotion reign supreme. She opens the gates for all listeners to drown with audible divinity.

Aubrey sat down with us and expressed her thoughts on the dynamic new single, which you can listen to below:

Your music has a unique balance of both light and dark themes. How does that work in your creation?

I have always had a fascination with duality in songwriting. I think exploring it is my own way of grounding myself throughout the process. It’s so easy for me to get swept up in an idea while writing, especially one that comes from personal experience. Approaching that idea from the other direction; whether it’s a memory, a feeling, a dream, can be really comforting and tie my idea together.

What are your hopes for the future in your career and for the world?

I’d love to see a shift within the music industry that begins to support independent artists more. I’m not sure what that looks like exactly, but giving the “independence” to create comfortably back to the artist and develop a sustainable career in the arts is my biggest hope for my own future and the industry.

Does Brooklyn provide some major influence in your craft? If so, can you share some specifics?

My environment has always had a profound impact on my music. By name, New York made her first appearance on my debut LP Blue Part, and again in “Portuguese Red”…The music I am working on now was fully formed here in Brooklyn and reflects the city’s impact on me in a deeper way. Living here and creating…is incredibly inspiring. Everyone in New York is giving something their best shot and that kind of energy is contagious.

You’ve worked with Charley Ruddell on “Portuguese Red.” How has that relationship been in your life?

For almost 5 years now Charley has been a huge part of this project. Our relationship serves as both a source of inspiration and as a powerful creative partnership.

Who out there gives you that desire to keep pushing forward in your music?

Who motivates me the most are women who have released large catalogs of music and evolve at every step of the way. Women like Laura Marling who are incredibly prolific and continue to experiment with their sound. [Also], women like PJ Harvey whose voice and vision are unmistakable. For me, these women are a reminder to make music because I love to make music, and for no other reason.

What does your “me time” consist of when you need a break?

I love to cook and I love to swim. Even after a really long day, I am still happy to cook a big meal and I’d sooner be dragged out of a northern lake than opt out on my own accord. Along with music, those are definitely my love languages.