Azizi Gibson, “Baka (Wise Words)”

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After releasing A New Life  and doing some touring, word is LA rhymer Azizi Gibson is crafting a new project. What will it sound like? That remains to be seen (or heard), but the multi-talented MC got with frequent collaborator Millz Douglas for “Baka (Wise Words),” a groovy, synthy trap burner.

Gibson is as carefree as ever on “Wise Words,” lacing the ominous production with an exhilarating meandering, delivery. His voice grooves comfortably along the track’s sharp snares and gaseous rides, an instrument in itself. Conceptually, he doesn’t reinvent the wheel, but meets the title’s expectation with a cool conviction, promising, “when I leave, you all gon’ know my name,” and laying out the blueprint for artists just coming into money:

Walk around like you don’t need shit.

Get some gwap and get your teeth fixed,

Start taking trips to beaches,

Stop living like a leech”

He alternates between rhyming and harmonizing. The song’s hypnotizing hook fades sneakily into the production as you ponder his last batch of heady, witty lyrics and wait for more. If you don’t catch his wise words, at least catch the vibe.

You can listen to “Baka (Wise Words)” below.