Bend Zones – “Two To Make A Whole”

Post Author: Jeff Cubbison

L.A. indie-pop duo stun with lush, dreamy new single

Bend Zones is a dreamy indie-pop duo from Los Angeles comprised of Patrick Zappia (whose production credits include Clans, Lola, and Mothica) and Max Green (frontman of Inspired & the Sleep and The Thens). Featuring simmering synths, pensive keyboards, understated percussion, and soothingly pure vocals, Bend Zones is the culmination of a modern art-pop production approach and top-notch songwriting. Following last year’s excellent debut single “Over It,” they’re continuing their momentum with the poignant new single “Two to Make a Whole.”

On this infectious track, Green’s voice floats over a buoyant swirl of keyboards, synths, drums, and atmospheric vocal samples. “If this house felt like a home, I wouldn’t have to feel alone,” he croons longingly before Zappia’s airy production snowballs in a series of unfurling piano notes. It’s a warm, lushly-crafted pop song with so many subtle nuances, making it ripe for repeat listens. Give it a few spins below.