Blu makes beat tape for rappers in need

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In recent months I've fallen out of love with Blu. He has meandered for too long with uninspired guest spots. Sure, he's kept us fed with free downloads, but even those songs felt like a chore to him.

One thing is clear, while his rapping edge might have dulled, his production skills continue to flourish. In the credits Blu thanks Ta'Raach, Mainframe and Exile for the influence and encouragement. Listening to this beat tape, one can hear the subtle impression of each producer.

Blu, “OpenChopShop(MilkMoneysFirstBeat)”

I am baffled that Blu does not want these beats for himself, but I can see the economical approach to this download. Selling beats will produce a faster turnaround than the exhausting process of crafting an album, especially when it took up to two years after completion for most of his projects to be released. Method Man said it best, “cash rules, still don't nothing move, but the money.”

Blu, “theRunAwaySlaveSong”

The upside to this project is the possibilities of new homes for these tasty beats. Normally, I'd label this an approved theft, but I will not suggest that rappers seize this beat tape as an opportunity for petty mixtape freestyles. Buy these beats, sons and sonettes!