Bring Prudence, “Red Horses”

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Are you in dire need of a breath of fresh air today? Yearning for a truly talented vocalist, discussing his raw emotions in simplicity? We had been for quite a while, and we have found it in Bring Prudence‘s latest single, titled “Red Horses”.

We’re quite taken aback by Oleh Zaychenko’s smooth, striking vocals running loosely over his simple acoustic guitar. He tends to compare himself to stereotypes in moments, boasting that college boys may be doing something, “But I’m not them, not the running type.” Later, he elaborates, “But I’m not them, I’m not the fighting type.” This song sounds like a testament of who he is personally, subtly pinpointing the suffering he is going through. His last lyrics are absolutely heartbreaking, divulging, “Thought you were the one / But now I’m split in two, half of me’s with you / And the other half is here.”