Cold Arizona "Open Highway Head Start"

Post Author: Impose Automaton

Cold Arizona was founded by guitarist Peter Scott back in 2016, he successfully has written and produced 10 songs which were recorded in three days in Burbank CA. With Joey Waronker on drums (Beck, REM, Atoms for Peace, Roger Waters) Justin Meldal – Johnsen on bass (Beck, NIN) and Zac Rae on piano & numerous keyboards (Death Cab for Cutie). It ended up being engineered by Grammy winner Darrell Thorp (Beck, Radiohead) Overdubs, with brought musicians, they worked for the next year at various studios in Los Angeles, Austin & Atlanta.
The mixing process began and at the time there wasn’t a vocalist for the record. So they decided to mix it into an instrumental album and that’s when Jennifer Zuif stumbled in to visit the mixing engineer Steve Hardy. Jennifer listened to the tracks and asked if she could sing over a few songs. The result? Peter was blown away.

“The lyrics and melody that she came back with were so beautiful and powerful. Her voice fits so unbelievably well into the track that it just blew me away… she evokes all the feelings of longing that I had hoped for and gives the song everything from a soulful whisper in the beginning to a soaring, heart-wrenching performance in the big chorus… beyond perfect.. it was as if she knew the song from long ago…”

Cold Arizona “Open Highway Head Start” Is a euphonious track and is without a doubt written for your scenic reminiscent drive. There is something about the catchy chorus with the pairing of Jennifers gentle and calming vocals that separates them from the typical alternative rock artist.