Cool Calm Pete, OST: Over You

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OST: Over You

Cool Calm Pete is on some J.D. Salinger shit with the reclusive behavior these days. The hope is it's from hard work in the lab conceiving a new record, but it could be heartbreak given the release of his new mixtape.

There is no movie to accompany Pete's original soundtrack to his make believe film Over You. The soundtrack mixtape is 60 minutes of source material recognizable to hip hop junkies, but its less about the boom and the bap, more about the continued thump of a broken heart. I really wish the movie wasn't pretend – this would be an incredible soundtrack.

Pete's done some outstanding digging in his absence. Within the mix the original break to Portishead's “Sour Times” comes through and I can't help but hear Beth Gibbons' refrain “nobody loves me, it's true / not like you do” and be concerned for Pete's mental health, despite the soundtrack title. The good people over at Modern Shark assured me that new material from Pete is coming soon, so I won't jump to conclusions that he's on some Isaac Brock shit – I didn't go to work for a month, I didn't leave my bed for eight days straight – but that he's truly over… whoever… and the wait won't be much longer.

Download OST: Over You here.