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Most of the mixes I've released under the Friday Night series have been new and exciting adventures for me. I've taken as much pleasure in giving them to Impose's readership, as I have putting them into my weekend rotations. Peaking Lights went deep into their dub collection, Ohbliv went deep into his grown man R&B collection, U.S. Girls enlightened me to the players on her latest record, and Work Drugs went through a decade of summers from the 70s and 80s. But Coyote Clean Up has spoken to my truest nostalgia.

Ice Cold Chrissy of Coyote Clean Up is from Detroit, a city I have great respect for as a Midwest beacon and a stomping ground in my formative years. I've romanticized Detroit many times since moving to California. I have a friend in Portland who often spoke of Detroit's ghettotech and various house contributions with admiration, which always dug at me since I never explored that history while I had the opportunity to be around it. What I am familiar with though is driving. Coyote Clean Up's Friday Night mix is about the party as much as it's about the music you listen to on your way to it. I miss the days of loading up my Dodge Intrepid five deep and most likely annoying my friends with “yougottahearthis” enthusiasm. Ice Cold Chrissy knows what I'm talking about.

Music for me has always been about escapism. Zoning out of the daily planet's unpleasant realities and, as cliche as it sounds, going on some intergalactic journey. The funny thing about this mix is after I made it I realized the majority of the music on here is Detroit based! However, most musicians here are really all about escaping through their music. When I make a mix I'm always thinking about how it's going to sound bumping in my car. When my friends and I are partying hopping I'm usually like, “Hey, ride with me, you gotta hear this song!” Then when we end up at the party, because Detroit's got the best DJs, the journey continues. I'm a close-my-eyes-and-zone-out-while-dancing on the dance floor kind of guy and I hope those vibes come across as my own music gets deeper and more cosmic. I love throwing those random party classics in there as well. I saw Rick Wilhite DJ not too long ago and he dropped Soft Cell “Tainted Love” and we all went crazy. Well I did at least. No one could have expected that. A buddy of mine kept playing Four Below Zero “My Baby's Got ESP” out this year and it always tripped me out. Look up the lyrics to that song, they're so deep. I picked up The Triad Society “Which Way” 12″ off the cuff. Probably because it was a dollar… but the lyrics to that song are so on point. I love the fact that dance music, or whatever you want to call it, can speak to people through rhythm and the simplest lyrical content… but reach deeper than a 500 page book. That's amazing to me. For Halloween this past year I did a whole Sade set. DJing and singing. The way the Moodymann remix on here shifted the booties on the dance floor blew my mind. I swear I saw someone crying while they were twerking it… or maybe that was just me. Anyways… MadTeo's spoken word track on here might be the song of 2012 for me…. “What's your New Years Resolution? …. Staying out of trouble!

01 The Triad Society – Which Way
02 MadTeo – New Years
03 Mouse on Mars -Schnick Schnack Melimade
04 Adam Rowe – Envy Edit
05 Terrence Parker & Claude Young Jr – Untitled
06 Sade – By Your Side (Moody Remix)
07 Braiden – Paganini
08 Delano Smith – What I Do
09 MGUN – Let Conversation Take Place
10 Loose Ends – Emergency (Dial 999)
11 Gerry Read – Be Pushing (She)
12 Coyote Clean Up – Blue Monday
13 Andres – 313 Love
14 Four Below Zero – My Baby's Got ESP
15 Lukid – Talk To Strangers
16 1991 – 95 and Beyond

Coyote Clean Up's Magma Mondays is out now on Time No Place.