Daniel Francis Doyle's new crooner ballad “There Are Two Of You”

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daniel francis doyle

This is Daniel Francis Doyle the crooner, the gentle heart, the tender melodist. This is the A-Side to his newest 7-inch, out in October as the second release ever on Soungs Records. B-Side, “Share Stories” quickly slips into the Austinite's classic one-man noise prattle and more overt loop mayhem but you'll buy the 7-inch and know more about that.

For now let's sink deep in the duplicity of “There Are Two Of You” which accuses “you” of a kind of personality order ennui, while Mr. Doyle's stuck with not two, but three different Doyles. (Could he be referring partly to the three instruments that grace every Doyle track? Or his acute schizophrenia? Maybe he's actually both the “you's” and just one Doyle, thereby adding up to three? Why can't you take a plane every time you lie?)

It could go at least five different ways. Enjoy this skittering ballad with a sad loved one or substitute for three or four imaginary friends who you think are real.

Daniel Francis Doyle, “There Are Two Of You”