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an intrepid blogger, I was all ready to come at you with exclusive
information today that I’d stumbled upon over the weekend. A real big

For some reason I’d been perusing Urban Outfitter’s blog over the
weekend (don’t ask) and found out about this weird Secret Generator
series of shows, where Neon Indian and Deerhunter were scheduled to play
two secret cities in secret locations with nothing but a generator for
power and a gaggle of hipsters to perpetuate brand stereotypes. But
Urban Outfitters didn’t keep that shit very secret at all! Their blog
posted “hints” as to where the bands would be playing, with ambiguous
pictures that spelled out Boston and Chicago pretty much exactly.
“Secret” my ass.

then I get into work today to see not one but TWO PR email blasts
announcing as much, from two different PR agencies. Not only had I not
found a scoop, I was playing into the hands of Urban Outfitter’s
corporate goons exactly as they’d wanted me to. Fuck.

But that’s not the news here. Deerhunter are playing in Chicago on the 25th,
and you should go. Why? Because Halcyon Digest, the recently leaked on NPR (wink),
much anticipated new album from Bradford Cox and Co., is gorgeous. Any
chance to see them live – especially for free – is a chance you should not
pass up. In other news, Neon Indian are playing in Boston on October 3rd, which, okay, cool.

The locations of the shows are set to be announced 48 hours beforehand, and you can find out where by going here.
Despite the fact this is a publicity ploy on the level of a Ford Fiesta
“Flash Mob”, and you’ll probably have like Urban Outfitter’s Facebook
page and give them your email address and social security number or some
shit to get in, well, it’s Deerhunter for free, and you can’t really
argue with that. I dare you to, in the comments, and let me respond in
advance: eat a dick, because it’s Deerhunter, and it’s free, and