Dark Dark Dark announce fall LP

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dark dark dark

Dark Dark Dark announced its sophomore record, disclosing a release date and a new song just in time for our Northside Showcase at Death By Audio tomorrow.

Here's a small nugget of advice that will sure to enrich your life. Listen to “Day Dreaming” today, take it all in and then go to Day 2 of our Big Weekend tomorrow to hear it live – fewer chances arise to hear a song debuted and then performed within a 24 hour span.

Dark Dark Dark is one of Founder Derek Evers' favorite bands, which makes it the staff's favorite band – don't ask. Just know that had I neglected to write about Dark Dark Dark's Wild Go record as soon as the press release entered my inbox, I would have woken up with a Kele Okereke solo record in my bed, broken into three pieces with the letters “Y-O-U” spray-painted on each fragment. Granted, its easy to love Dark Dark Dark with lead singer Nona Marie Invie’s vulnerable vocals that swoosh and sway like a sundress. Listen to “Day Dreaming” a few times through and you'll be inquisitive enough to as Invie what these “unspeakable things” truly are and what they mean to her.

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