Ruckus Roboticus, Chicks EP

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The Chicks EP

It's our old friend Ruckus Roboticus back to burn. This time he's
flipping soul samples over ghetto house breaks like it ain't no never
mind – the infectious dance nerve of this guy!

Never imagined J.J.
Jackson belting out his classic “But It's Alright” over Chicago juke
breaks would work, but that's why Ruckus Roboticus is the DJ
with the proper chops and not me. It would seem Roboticus is embracing
his Midwest beat brethren, as each of his creations on the Chicks EP,
flex that speed-demon snap breaks sound made famous by Cajmere Records.
Roboticus makes Harry Belafonte sounds like DJ Deeon in this bitch on
“Jump In!”

The Chicks EP features three remixes of the
title track by DJ Wood, Frankie J Digs'em and Hot Mess. Listen to a
stream of the EP here.
The EP is out now on Dance or Die Records.

Ruckus Roboticus is
playing two Ohio release party shows this weekend:
25 –
Dip Dip Dive in Cincinnati, OH
26 – Oldfield's on High in Columbus,
OH (a Dance or Die night)

Ruckus Roboticus, “B All Right”

Ruckus Roboticus, “Chicks”