Dark Dark Dark's Bright Bright Bright EP

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Dark Dark Dark releases new Bright Bright Bright EP

Mark my word, this band will be famous someday. And I'll tell you why…

First of all, we said so. But even if you don't enjoy Dark Dark Dark's music (which, in itself is pretty damn hard not to do), everything they stand for as humans and musicians has them vying for the “people you want to succeed award” (something I just created). They embody all the good things about living the crust punk culture, sans the violence and impetus on booze. A traveling troubadour of talented people who play gypsy-inspired ballads, their tours are a way of life that lead them to play in some of the most amazing places.

They also make songs that are accessible to a broad scope of people, like the lead single from their forthcoming (ahem, pun intended?) Bright Bright Bright EP on Supply and Demand Records. Due out March 9, you will be able to hear them play their new songs just about anywhere in America this spring when they head out on another country-wide tour. But all of this is just a precursor to the sophomore LP Dark Dark Dark is currently recording at the historic Music Box Theatre in Minneapolis with the help of Tom Herbers (WHY?, Low, Retribution Gospel Choir, The Jayhawks, Fog).

Dark Dark Dark, “Bright Bright Bright”