DED STARK – What I Wanna

LA-based Songwriter and vocalist DED STARK, from LA, is combatting society’s expectations and following his own path with his latest track “WHAT I WANNA,” which explores themes such as individuality and defiance:

“I will not conform and I will not be tamed.” – DED STARK

In an all out embracement of experimentalism, this track, like most of DED STARK’S work is impossible to put in a box. Combining a mix of genres through verby guitar samples, a heavy bass and an exuberant lyrical flow, “DED END”showcases multiple elements working together to create an intimately complex and often dark atmosphere.

“Ultimately this is a song about embracing one’s destiny as an artist and steering into what most would avoid, learning to not only become comfortable being judged by others but to revel in that.” – DED STARK

The song’s overall murky timbre will no doubt resonate with Alternative music fans, who are likely to form a strong emotional investment in this piece.