DeModa, Lucid Dreams

Post Author: Mike Mehalick

When you think of most producers creating original material in the indie electro-pop world, the NYC-based DeModa definitely breaks away from the common mold. His new EP, Lucid Dreams, showcases the breadth of his sonic palette and eclectic ear across its four tracks.
There are the opening tropical pangs of “Moments,” the expansive “Blind Contour,” the summer playlist ready “Downtown Glow” and the instrumental title track which manages to summarize the whole affair in a neat, head bopping package. DeModa also gets the most out of guest vocalists Kísos, Laura Weinbach of Foxtails Brigade and Slow Shudder elevating his production with the diverse pool of onboard talent.
The artist shares:
“Relieved and pleased to finally release Lucid Dreams in its entirety. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for being afforded the opportunity to make music in the comfort of my apartment and share it with the world.
There are too many people around the globe living in less fortunate circumstances that aren’t able to share these experiences. I hope that this EP inspires the same passion it took to create it.”

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