Discrete & Maria Mathea – Never Know

Discrete teams up with Maria Mathea to create a succulent blend of pop and reggaeton with new single ‘Never Know’

Who is Discrete? Answering the question of his social media pages, Discrete aka Augst Ramberg is a young Swede hailing from Stockholm that has created his own amalgamation of reggae and pop. Teaming up with Stockholm comrade Maria Mathea on vocals, upcoming release ‘Never Know’ is a further step towards explaining the identity of the man behind the desk and why he’s the latest from a long line of Nordics to be establishing themselves as a worthy streaming artist.

At just the ripe young age of twenty two, Discrete is riding the wave of successes of debut single ‘Without You’ which gained him ranks at both Spotify (New Music Friday) and Apple Music (Breaking EDM/Dance) playlists picking up on the breakthrough single.

‘Never Know’ features Maria Mathea on vocals and mixes pop melodies with rhythms clearly influenced by reggae music whilst the track is seamlessly assembled and produced with a sharp urban twist, citing elements of London trap.

Discrete had this to say about the new single:
“Our first idea behind the track was to mash up different genres and see how we could make them fit together – we took reggae influences and layered them on trap arrangements and ideas. I think it’s important to try and push boundaries of genres, otherwise music doesn’t progress. Kirsten Joy and George Dennis wrote an amazing topline and lyrics, while it almost goes without saying how much Maria Mathea killed it delivering the vocals.”

Pre-save ‘Never Know’ here in time for tomorrow’s release, and enjoy the exclusive stream for ‘Never Know’.