DJAO, “Depressing Jog Ends Well”

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Dropping Gems member DJAO is prepping the drop of his debut self-titled LP on October 28. The alias of Seattle-based producer Alex Osuch, the first sneak peek is the restrained, polyrhymthic rollercoaster track appropriately dubbed “Depressing Jog Ends Well”.

Extremely chill, almost to the point of eerie, it’s a Twin Peaks-esque meander through soft piano keys and jazz-inspired percussion. Shuffling, humming and remarkable , it’s no wonder that it’s been described as an aural journey “composed during times of personal growth and inner reflection,” as it’s an otherworldly composition. Almost as if inhabited by an uneasy presence, it’s an anticipatory, emotive first glimpse into Osuch’s world. And a very intriguing one at that.