Dorvin Borman – “I Know Your Secrets”

Post Author: Chris Cubbison

L.A. musician shares reverb-soaked loneliness anthem

We all know what true isolation feels like by now. “I Know Your Secrets,” the latest offering from L.A.-based musician Dorvin Borman, captures the current national anxiety and the all-too common spiraling self-doubt of being cooped up and alone with your thoughts. 

Featuring co-vocalist Gracie Gray, “I Know Your Secrets” offers listeners a loneliness anthem through gorgeous reverb-synthed sonics, a steady beat and deep groove, and a solid foundation to pick apart a crumbling psyche. 

“Are you sincere in your radical politics?/ I see no praxis, you’re all talk/ Are you just making up for being boring?/ I get inspired to do nothing at all.”

“I Know Your Secrets” marks the fourth single for Borman in 2020, following gorgeous offerings“Moonflower,” “Feel You Feel Me,” and “Everyone Lied.” Here’s to hoping that 2021 brings a debut release for the LA musician, and to brighter days for the heavy hearted.