Eagulls, “Tough Luck”

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Upon registering the Leeds rockers Eagulls’ clever hybridist name I couldn’t help but picture what this new bird would look like. In my mind it was somewhere between the rugged seagulls scrounging the Jersey Shore in late fall, and the iconic prideful bald eagle. That picture seemed to correlate nicely with the Eagulls latest release, “Tough Luck.” A heady post-punk anthem, “Tough Luck” brings enough energy and intricacies to solidify Eeagulls at the top of their class. It also helps their case that after one listen it may be nearly impossible for the average American listener to refrain from impersonating lead singer George Mitchell’s accent as he belts out “tough luck,” over and over.

The track is from their upcoming self-titled LP due out March 4 on Partisan Records.