Edison Premiere "The Good Fight" (Yayo Remix) Ahead of SXSW Appearance

Post Author: Elizabeth Schneider

Edison, the trio from Denver, CO, formed by Sarah Slaton, Dustin Morris and Maxwell Hughes, have a new remix of their song “The Good Fight”.  After forming in 2014, Edison has been touring to build a following.  “We’ve been on the road nonstop for over a year,” Slaton notes. “We didn’t have a lot of releases out there so we decided to hit the road and meet as many people as we could and foster those relationships.”
Although known for their indie rock leanings, the Yayo remix of “The Good Fight” is a complete reimagining of the song.  With melancholy lyrics and haunting vocals, the original of “The Good Fight” paints a picture of loss and what might have been.  “The Good Fight” (Yayo remix), with the same lyrics and vocals, makes the yearning feel like a fervent search for something that is lost, but will be found.  Hope is the undertone.

“The Good Fight” (Yayo remix) premieres on March 14.  Look for Edison at SXSW on March 16 at Bar Non/Rhyme &a Reason Records Showcase @ Gibson Room @ Maggie Mae’s in Austin.