Elon Katz polishes Sleep ∞ Over's “Casual Diamond”

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Sleep ∞ Over.

Looks like we can keep our t-shirts on and our black ties in the closet for the Elon Katz's* “Tesseract” remix of the fuzzed-up Sleep ∞ Over track “Casual Diamond”: things get brushed up and shiny, but we're not hitting any dance floors with this 3D beat tease.

Sleep Over, “Casual Diamond” (Elon's Tesseract Mix)

This comes on the heels of Laurel Halo's remix, which appeared on the b-side for the 7-inch of the single on Hippos in Tanks, out earlier this month.

Sleep ∞ Over, “Casual Diamond” (Original)

Sleep ∞ Over, “Casual Diamond” (Laurel Halo Remix)

*(We've seen Katz's work as half of White Car.)