EULA, “Orderly”

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With a shambolic, dissonant style, Brooklyn-based noise punks EULA are far from “Orderly”—no matter what the name of their new single would have you believe. With a sound that’s a little bit no-wave, a little bit riot grrl, and definitely something that you’d probably find in a grimy basement, the only thing that can truly be said about the new single from  EULA (which I’ve decided is a demand, End User License Agreements!) is that it rips.

The song was produced by Swans and Sonic Youth producer Martin Bisi, and, much like those bands, EULA deftly handles the art of balancing dissonance and melody. As Nate Rose’s bass drum beats constantly, Jeff Maleri’s bass coughs out the occasional bass riff, and Alyse Lamb strums above the bridge of her guitar, producing biting, caustic noises. As the sparse, groovy track unfolds, Lamb wails lyrics like, “My heart needs an orderly to keep it from exploding,” between gasps for breath and her own cries of “take it out, take it out,” which come together for a haunting effect.

The “Orderly” b/w “Meadows” 7” is out now on Bloodmoss Records. Also, EULA is celebrating the release of their new record with a show tonight in Brooklyn featuring the insane bill of Courtship Ritual, Pile and Big Ups. You can find details here. Listen to “Orderly” below: