HOMESHAKE, “Cash is Money”

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If a rising tide lifts all boats, then this being the year of Mac DeMarco is bound to mean some great things for the rest of his band, including live band guitarist and frequent collaborator Peter Sagar. The Montreal-based musician, who in addition to his work with DeMarco also played in Sans Aids and Outdoor Miners, is set to release In the Shower, the debut LP of his solo project HOMESHAKE. Sagar released his debut tape, The Homeshake Tape, under the moniker last year and, in between a grueling touring schedule with Mac DeMarco, has since put together 10 new songs, including his new single “Cash is Money”.

The single relies less on the ramshackle aesthetic of pretty much any of the other projects Sagar is involved in, and instead showcases a hi-fi, jazzy sound. Featuring a mellowed-out 16th note drum groove, high-pitched bassline, tremolo-drenched guitar, and the bleeps and bloops of a dying synth, “Cash is Money” is definitely music to listen to in the shower. In his airy falsetto, Sagar sings empty-hearted lines like, “I just don’t feel it, even though the cash will keep me warm / she can’t believe it, but I don’t love you anymore,” giving the sense that he doesn’t really think that, “cash is where it’s at.”

In the Shower is out Oct 7 on Sinderlyn Records.