Fall in love with the brain-scraping love tunes of Pukers

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Yet another side project from Iowa City’s unbelievably fecund music collective Night People, Pukers is former Racc-oo-oon member Andy Spore and his girlfriend Olga. Their new album, “Born in the USA,” as many would guess, borrows its title from the Bruce Springsteen album of the same name, complete with a trippy, translucent take on the iconic portrait of The Boss’s derriere for the cassette’s cover art.

As far as their sound, let’s just say the twosome’s sort of abrasive punk probably won’t find them opening up for John Tesh on tour anytime soon. The record consists of screeching feedback and furious drums with a bent-out-of-shape guitar lick or two thrown in for good measure. Olga’s vocals show more of a range than one might expect—passionate at times, and terrifying at others—that's akin to Lydia Lunch performing a duet with Prurient. If all this wasn’t enough to peak your curiosity, the album’s title track certainly proves one of the more unusual Springsteen covers you’re likely to hear.

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Pukers, “Run From the Cops”

Pukers, “Born in the U.S.A.”

Pukers' Born in the U.S.A.