Fantastic Fantastic, “Houses (CCERULEANN remix)”

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Dance music as a concept exists as perhaps one of the most visceral of the globally recognized and relatable of current era audio constructs. Understanding and emulating those notions better than most, meet Kris Small & Micke Lindebergh, the London based duo of Fantastic Fantastic fresh off of completing their self-titled EP. Catching the ear of Holy Underground collective's Elliott Baker of CCERULEANN, aka CC/NN, the Sweden by UK's track “Houses” gets rebuilt as we all began a note sharing discussion of items of the electronic process and progress. The global ballroom beat dances in steps from the sands strewn from all corners of earth placed about the outreach of endless shores. With urgings of, “let's go come on”, Kris and Micke take the cobblestone and concrete paths that connect networks of beach house boogaloos where the Summer and soirées never cease. The synth and bass tones ride the brightest lights of tranquility that shine from the silver metallic drum presets that move through the rhythmic waters of the Caribbean to the grand boulevards of the synth pop houses of the worldwide and fantastic.

Through an exchange of cables, Micke and I discussed Fantastic Fantastic's wonderful world, their beginnings, and sharing words on the challenges and progressions from the house and dance music palettes of these post-millennial era, the definition of the best house track, and hints of limitless possibilities.

“We started making music after DJing together in London. We played mostly 90's & early 00's pop so we naturally started becoming influenced by the music and mainly the sound of production,” Micke explained to us, “usually when we write songs it just happens, when we first started, we tried to write with a certain sound in mind, but it made the process unexciting . . . and usually something like it comes out in a month or two anyway . . . and we both go Hey, thats exactly what we tried to make two months ago . . . so its kind of a way to trick creativity.”

We inquired about their thoughts on perhaps any feelings regarding the limitations and transcendence of genre. “For us being limited by a genre makes the process unexcited, what if we wake up one day and want to have a cuban beat with classical string arrangements in say a Timbaland style with some chanting choir haha . . . what genre would that be?” From these eclectic methods, we then explored the continuum of influence and pursuits of perfection. “We're always exited by Santigold and M.I.A, how they mix genres is incredible, but they still keep their personal sound. I guess that is timeless, I think for us the best dance/pop song ever is Madonna, “Vogue”. The goal for us is to make the perfect classic pop song. Our creative guilt keeps us working to that goal every day.

Which brings us to Elliott Baker, of CCERULEANN's remix of “Houses”. In a global crisis where houses are foreclosed, condemned and abandoned; Baker's reinforces the foundation of Kris and Micke's indestructible coastal sound crafted abodes. The waterside lodges turn into lighthouses that send out the original's components into the gleaming crystal reflectors of ships and buoys in the far spanning seas of shining elements of sound. “So in the quest for perfection we asked Elliott from CC/NN [CCERULEANN] to make a remix of “Houses” to see what other elements he would bring to the track. It's really cool what he has done to it!”

Elliot got deep down in the process in this exclusive sneak peek behind the board, between the switches and the synthesis of ushering in the season of summer regardless of what time of year it may be.

“I have known Micke for a couple years. Although we have rarely met up in the real world, we have often admired each other's musical endeavors through the interweb. When he approached me to do a remix for his new project with Kris Small, I was chomping at the bit to hear what the project would sound like. When I heard 'Houses' for the first time I was instantly brought into a summertime day, walking confidently with my friends through a small town city by the beach. It just oozes summer. So when I approached the remix I wanted to keep many of the summertime melodies instilled by Kris & Micke. So I kept the cheery upbeat vocals and pan flute feel of the original, and added some fun synth lines, trying hard not to overdo it and submerge the original stems into a sea of audio pudding. I'm really happy with how it turned up, and I couldn't be more grateful to Fantastic Fantastic for letting me remix Houses. Much bodhicitta!”

Listen to Fantastic Fantastic's self-titled debut EP on Soundcloud.